Friday, 18 April 2014

In need of a new one


I am a creature of habit!

I go for the same thing day in day out for months (a bit like a gold fish if it wore clothes) on end, my acne jeans, my beat up boots (probably not in a good way), my bold floral cardigan ect you get the picture. This love of wearing the same old thing or there about for months on end means that predictably I have a hard time letting go of my much loved stuff. I mean really my clothes are like my baby and I just have a HUGE family. But really its time for me to let go few things although that might be another post. I haven't been that brave yet! Things like this denim jacket I have literally owned for way too long. I bought this from GAP kids when it was still expectable for me to shop their. The sleeves are too short when they are rolled down and I can longer wear it done up realistically (not that I would but still). Despite all of this I love it and wear it way too much considering its flaws. I know I am on the verge of having to buy a new one (I may be a bit of that point and hanging onto the edge). Does thing mean that I have to get rid of (stop wearing) my favourite old one? I don't know!


Friday, 4 April 2014

Bus Stops

(Top-Topshop// shirt- crew clothing// cardigan- Topshop (ages ago though)// Jeans-Acne via ebay// Shoes Vintage// Bag- Vintage)
What to wear to the bus stop ? (the musings of a teenaged girl)

Buses are the bane of my life, it seems to be dominated by them. I get a bus pretty much everyday, they are pretty much always late, you can never be sure of this because if they early they never wait at the stop. They are never on time! I am always rushing around to be at my stop with 5 minutes which seems so pointless when the probability is that will be standing around with my headphones in for at least minutes. It is always a struggle to achieve this, I'm so far from a morning person that it is unreal so I normally have about 30 minutes to get up, eat, get dressed, put makeup on and be clean (maybe not in this order). This never leaves me much time to think, so I often find myself just chucking on clothes. Jean, top, black boots and a cardigan or jacket is the safest option but kind of can be (is) a bit dull. I'm always trying to spice it all up a bit which is pretty challenging when all you're really thinking about is the crazy  amount of work you're about to do to try and pass a-levels. Recently I've been trying to  spice it all up a bit by layer things in the hopes that I will not only be warm but different from the mundane. Switching up the jeans is also fun playing with skinny, baggy ripped, light or black denim has also been fun. 


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Love it or Hate it? (Moschino A/W 2014)

It’s defiantly true that Moschino’s autumn winter 2014 autumn/winter collection has caused a stir in last few months. It seems that everyone has an opinion has on it they either love it or hate it. It’s been very popular with bloggers, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that bag. I personally can’t make my mind up about this latest instalment of Jeremy Scott’s creative genius. I both love and hate it.

I know that when I see work with a strong concept I am likely to love it as mostly when I see anything with a strong concept my heart just melts a little. There for how could I not fall for this? The idea of the ever-famous Maccy Ds with its fast food and iconic M logo (that always looks like a French fry) mixed with Moschino in my mind had to be a light hearted comment on our fast fashion culture. Which of course I cannot resist!

However, I kind of feel (maybe with my best cynical teenaged attitude) that this collection is being used as a trendy statement by some, sort of a “Look at me I’m so it?!” I really not trying to be mean as I am sure this is only true for a few, but still it’s a bit sad. Also I am not sure about what I feel about the use the bright yellow and red, which make up a majority of the colour in the collection. I accept that this makes the message so much more powerful. But still I instantly shy away this mix of colours, if I’m honest I am always more comfortable when I only have to face one strong colour at a time.

Only time will tell me what I acutely feel about this collection. It defiantly (at least slightly) entrances me. Maybe I should just decide to love it!

Pst. What do you think about it ??