Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Results Day Worrier

Although I am back home in England my head is still in France. One thing that I have learned from my trip is that when you see an olive grove, by god you take pictures. This outfit is was pretty true to what I was wearing/ I'm wearing. The soft wide leg trousers and tee are really comfy as have a casual vibe which I just love as well as the fun of stretching your leg as far out in front of  you and seeing the trouser fall.

If I could tell you of a morning when I wished I was back in France or my Birthday or some other really fun thing, that would have been the other morning. Why you might ask well it was doomsday of course better known as A-level results day. I have had a bit of a mental block on the day since I put down the last exams paper every times its gets brought up, my went "la la la la", you could say that I had been dreading that day. I woke up at 7:30 that morning after last nights Gilmore Girls minnie marathon as I finally faced my fears and prepped for the worst drew up a back up plan aka which counties I was gonna visit before I figured out what to do with myself may have been more traveling.  After peeping a look at my results it was all ok, but I still longed to be back in France where I didn't care about grade boundaries at all. Results day was one of those days which I needed to pass for my future to feel real to me, now its over I can move on and see myself on my art foundation course which I start in 2 weeks. I can even picture my clothes.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Gone Down the canal


All words that describe going up and down a canal in Southern France (the phrase pretty sick works too). You peacefully travel up the canal by day with only the interruptions of a few locks, to then have drink a glace or maybe a few more of bear, wine ect. It also pretty fun, I’ve even got a tan in the 10 days I’ve been away from the UK aka tanned me is a FREAKING BIG DEAL, proud is an understatement of my feelings for my tan lines. Something is always going on even if it’s looking the view that has captured the imagination many a famous artist.  Aside from that there is all ways the food, croissants never fail in their amazing taste and getting to actually use my summer clothes without feeling that I am about to freezes most of the times is nice too. Overall there is a bounty of good vibes going down the Canal de Midi.

X Sasha X

Pst- the DIY is coming very soon, I filmed the last bit here in France.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Something Different

(Top- TopShop, Skirt- Present, Shirt- Vintage/ old one of my dads I nicked, shoes- Zara, glasses- Ray Ban)

Hey Guys. Sometimes, you need a break from you, you need to experiment and try new things and no, this is not my break up speech. But I have felt a bit stuck lately, trying to figure myself out (BTW I'm a hard nut to crack). When I feel like this I like to go a bit crazy it helps me to sort myself out and clothes normally are the best way of doing this. I guess that this is what is whole post this is about that and I was meant to have a DIY video up before this rather than post the same skirt twice in a row. I should be a cool video I am pretty proud of it so far and its part of this mix up of this blog that I am planning.

The crazy mix of prints and colour with my glasses that I am wearing kind of came together well, I like the textures the different fabrics with my skin even though it’s a bit crazy and the striped top might have been a step too far I still kind of like it especially the shirt over my rap skirt, I will be remembering that. Putting stuff together like this helps me clear my head, its all about experimenting and trying something out, a bit crazy maybe not something I would always wear, but still kind of cool I guess

This is all a bit of a ramble!