Sunday, 20 July 2014

Something Different

(Top- TopShop, Skirt- Present, Shirt- Vintage/ old one of my dads I nicked, shoes- Zara, glasses- Ray Ban)

Hey Guys. Sometimes, you need a break from you, you need to experiment and try new things and no, this is not my break up speech. But I have felt a bit stuck lately, trying to figure myself out (BTW I'm a hard nut to crack). When I feel like this I like to go a bit crazy it helps me to sort myself out and clothes normally are the best way of doing this. I guess that this is what is whole post this is about that and I was meant to have a DIY video up before this rather than post the same skirt twice in a row. I should be a cool video I am pretty proud of it so far and its part of this mix up of this blog that I am planning.

The crazy mix of prints and colour with my glasses that I am wearing kind of came together well, I like the textures the different fabrics with my skin even though it’s a bit crazy and the striped top might have been a step too far I still kind of like it especially the shirt over my rap skirt, I will be remembering that. Putting stuff together like this helps me clear my head, its all about experimenting and trying something out, a bit crazy maybe not something I would always wear, but still kind of cool I guess

This is all a bit of a ramble!


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Skirt Obsession

Hello, so um well..... What am I obsessed with? Coco Chanel (just everything), Art (especially going to galleries and conceptual), books (weird if you knew my 11 year old self), avocado, exercise (recent and growing obsession) and wrap skirts?!

Well what to say about the wrap skirt? I am like a crazy lady in love with this skirt. The intracing mix of dare from the constant risk of flashing someone (it's never happened yet) and that childlike swish of the skirt. Also the overlapping nature of its ends of make me think of slits and the way that modern angular geometric shapes interlock. The skirt was an amazing present from a family friend for my 18th birthday (thats right I can buy alcohol and am an Adult (legally anyway, watch out world)). I loved it the minute I saw it (even before I knew what it was)  I'm a sucker of abit of paisley, its one of those things that I can just tell that I will wear way too much. AKA it's a huge obsession.

I can't believe that its summer, it kinda feels like a lifetime ago when I finished school and summer started, in reality its been about 2 weeks. With summer comes the fun of more of my obsessions, 1. the sun (even though I don't tan who could hate on the sun) 2. music (cheese but it brings people together). With this in mind I thought I would share a bit of my taste. Anyway here is the playlist: 

Monday, 23 June 2014

What about the Top

Hey Guys, I'm back and feeling more positive vibes about this blog.

While reading this months British Vogue (bought at Southampton station on my way home from my last exam (woop woop)) I was struck by the editors letter, which talked about the changes in style over the years and how we might be on the verge of a big change. This got me thinking about how style or fashion changes all the time and the backlog of things of stuff I've wanted in the past that now I look at and think what the hell was I on when I looked at that? But that is all part of it, if style didn't change we would all be in Victorian court dresses with 70's hair (not the good kind). The timeless pieces like that crisp white shirt or black pumps never fail us they are timeless and the only constraint that they have is when they stop fitting and brake (normally in the most public place possible and when its raining). 

Charity or thrift shops are a graveyard for these forgotten relics of our bad taste as well as our good taste. But sometimes the gems inside are not as obvious as others. Pick up a mens cotton shirt and it's like a new world, sort of. Thats how I made my top anyway! I like the almost androgynous feel of the rust dip dye most of all. I tried to imply the origins of this top with the line down the centre. Most of I wanted to create something new and different out of an old mens shirt. 

I kind of feel that this is really SICK!!!